About Exposed

The concept for "EXPOSED" was simple to conceive. We came from a world of fantasy, prepubescent desire and rock 'n roll illusion. The music of KISS was our soundtrack. With this project we offer you, the fan a front row seat in our time machine. Welcome to our bedroom in the 1970s with everything that you remember. There were posters, magazines, 8-tracks and albums. Can you smell the incense floating through the air as your lava lamp glows with cosmic wonder? The outside world would begin to fade while you became lost in a youthful spirit of make believe. For the two of us as twin sons from different mothers we want you to join us in a raw and passionate celebration of the music of KISS.

Every band begins in an innocent and simple way. Fans become friends that create a bond. We grow together and apart, time becomes our friend and our enemy, we live and we learn. We're about to play songs that have touched our lives, helped to shape who we are and continue to inspire us along our journey.

Sit back, stand up...do what's in your heart. "EXPOSED" is classic KISS...unplugged.