Rich Kosak

For the past 23 years or more I have been wearing the iconic design of the "Starchild" in the KISS Tribute MR.SPEED. From the beginning, before that dream began to take shape I was just another face in the crowd. While in high school I formed my first band that was named LORD ROCK. This was an ideallic attempt at escapism with hopes of finding my way. With my diploma in hand I landed in a nameless project with musicians older than me pretty much by default, there was no one else for them to accept. Fast forward to today and I am proud of who I have become. "EXPOSED" is the essence of how every band begins... raw, optimistic and pure. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide...take me as I am.

My name is Rich Kosak. I like to believe that "music is my food and life, don't take it away".